Teach an Mháistire


Brief History

The house was built in 1906 by the British Department of Education. Ten such houses were built in rural West coast areas of Ireland. The purpose and thinking behind it was to attract teachers to an area, that was poorly serviced by public transport with a poor infrastructure.


Master DugganThe first teacher to live in the house was Master Jimmy Duggan, whilst this alone is significant, his notoriety became greater as he is the great grandfather of Clannad and Enya. Master Duggan’s son Hugh followed him into teaching and lived in the house from 1930. His daughter Máire, known as Baba, is the mother of Clannad and Enya.
After Master Duggan left, Masters Diver, McGinley and then Gallagher followed.


The Hand-Over



The British Department of Education handed over the house in 1922 to the new Free State council, and the house was then given to the Catholic church to manage. Master McGinley was the last school master to live in the house, which he left in 1953.

The house was purchased by the Duggan family in Meenacladdy, who are of no relation to the original Master Duggan. The Duggan family are cousins of the current owners, the Ó’Múirí family.



Today the house has been refurbished and has a classic yet modern feel. Also, the room where the school masters taught extra classes has now been developed into a current classroom not foregoing its historical past.